On August 18, 2019, an article written by Camden Ador about the brand was published on the website of the trans-masculine cultural platform, FTM Magazine. A few months before, AJ and Brea had the opportunity to take the AGX3.0 ACID RAIN collection to New York City to be shot and interviewed by Camden, following discovery on The Art of Being Queer. We had the opportunity to style four amazing trans models: Lex Gray (@midwaygray), Apollo Flowerchild (@apolloflowerchild), Brycen Gaines (@trans_bear), and Steph Durwin (@stephdurwin), along with the help of Damaris Gonzales (@damaryy_gonzo) and Jannelly Ruiz (@janellyr). The article featured an interview with AJ about her journey through gender and clothing design, and the reasons behind founding AGX. Click here to read the article

Steph Durwin (@stephdurwin)

Brycen Gaines (@trans_bear)

Lex Gray (@midwaygray)

Brea Hazelton (@brxea_)

AJ Nichols (@aj.of.agx)

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